purpose of white month word of wisdom from the the church worldwide

1). The White Month series became a concurrent event ever since the 20th Century.

2). In the progression or course of time, it has developed and became an annual event which has gained prominence as witnessed in the 21st century.


3). There is no doubt that every blessing faces challenges to deliver its mission.

4). The same was the case with the White Month from its inception.

5). It commences with a seasonal fasting and intensive prayer exercise from the first day of each month of June to the last day which usually ends on the 30th.

6). The immediate Sunday preceding the end of June is occasioned as the White Sunday.

7). The basis of this is to celebrate the beauty of the Righteousness of God which is in Christ Jesus.

8). On the White Sunday therefore, it is depicted by the general attire of the entire membership, by putting on white apparels to compliment with Revelation 19:7-8.

9). Thereafter the next seven days which falls to another Sunday, it is tagged as Super Sunday. Why?

10). It is deemed that having spent a whole thirty days long before the presence of the invisible God in prayer, the supernatural superiority should be prevailing over our inferiority.

11). Therefore the next Sunday after the White Sunday, is tagged as Super Sunday.

12). This is known to be taking place in the month of July; precisely the very first week.


13). It is expected therefore that all the saints should be exercising the superiority of the faith over the inferiority of faithlessness.

14). This is otherwise a true demonstration of the dominion power of the Holy Ghost against all the evil works of Satan and worldliness.

15). Having therefore spent many days of prayer in the the month of June, a carryover of such experience is expected to continue intensely from July onwards.

16). This is also the whole reason why the month of July should mark a beginning of jubilation.

17). To jubilate, which means to be joyful, is to be demonstrating your faithful fitness of conquest over all evils you prayed and defeated in the White Month revival season.

18). After the June White Month, there remains six months ahead in the year.

19). Between the semesters of the year, calls for assessment of the previous and present.

20). How did January to June go with you? And how do you intend to forestall against the success of the previous challenges.

21). This will help you to consider the outgoings of the next six months beginning July to December.

22). What lessons have you learned and how do you intend to apply them to improve your relationship with God?

23). All the days of the year belong to God, for He is the Daysman, He is the Dayspring, He is the Daystar, and He is the Ancient of Days.

24). Everyday in the walk with God, demands everyday assessment of self examination.

25). It is written in the Bible books of first and second Corinthians saying:1Corinthians 11:31

26). ”For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged, that is, [not be condemned].

27). 2Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves to know whether you are living in the present New Covenant faith, and prove your own selves.

28). Do you not know your own selves, how that Christ is in you or not? Except you are reprobate.

29). There are so many things to examine ourselves for, and necessary checking on Behavioural habits and attitudes.

30). One can be so much well attained to religious self discipline naturally, but lacking the knowledge of the pattern of the kingdom of heaven.

31). The big issue with mankind is that the Saviour of our souls is from heaven.

32). Being the Man from heaven, He brought the same only heavenly system that can save man on the earth.

33). And for the mankind on the earth to be saved, He asked His earliest disciples who were not yet born again, to ask the Father in heaven, to send His kingdom to the earth.

34). Jesus Christ confirmed Himself as the Kingdom the Father had sent. Please you must read St. John 6:29 and matt. 12:28.

35). He also asked them to pray that His “will” should be done on earth as it is exactly done in heaven according to Matt 6:9-10.

36). Ever before He came to save mankind from Satan on the earth, the man had been immune with the worldly culture.

37). For over 2000 years the Saviour from heaven came to save man on earth, they have found it so difficult to connect to the heavenly will of God from this earth.

Why The Saviour
Came From Heaven

38). The basis why the Saviour Jesus Christ came from heaven is, because there was no one or anything on earth to save us.

39). For over 4000 years, the LORD had applied the [blood] of bulls, oxen, sheep, goats etc. which is the only substance to cleanse the soul from sins.

40). He applied that deliberately to certify that the consequence of sins is way beyond what any substance on earth can remedy or resolve.

41). Being the most merciful fatherly minded God, the Creator and origin of life, He pitied us to come and shed His own blood in His Son Jesus Christ to save us.

42). Now it has happened that the Saviour and the salvation substance of our redemption came from heaven.

43). Now there is no other way man can be saved except by the ultimate help from the kingdom of heaven.

44). Presently, to maintain our salvation from heaven permanently, we must hold permanently to the will of God which is in heaven.

45).It was only the will of God in that saved us, therefore to retain our salvation, we must live according to the heavenly standard or pattern, on earth.

46). This is where man finds it so difficult to truly understand how to do the will of God on earth as it is exactly done in heaven without errors.

47). Unfortunately the high intelligence and religious knowledge that govern this world are not able to substitute for the salvation of our soul, therefore we are in eternal trouble except we must recourse to the heavenly system of government on this earth.

48). As there are rules of law on this earth; even so there is the “will” of God done in heaven as the rule of law.

49). When Christ came into the world, He made it so easy for men to connect to the will of God in heaven through Him (John 14.6).

50). The only thing left for mankind now is to listen and hear the voice of Jesus Christ through the medium of the holy bible.

51). Obey the voice from the bright cloud which said, “this is my beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased, hear you Him” according to Matt 17:5.

52). Another scripture according to the Bible book of Romans 10:4 says, “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to anyone and all who believes”.

53). The above scripture simplifies the needed answers to any questions of how to do the will of the invisible God on earth. Christ is the answer.

54). Read through the Bible book of Romans 10:9-10 and find more clues of how to do the will of the invisible God in the visible world.

55). In the Bible book of Matthew chapter 7:21, the Lord Jesus Christ clearly said,

56). “Not everyone that says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, he that does the “will” of my Father who is in heaven”.

57). Our salvation began with divine “will” and can only be retained in the divine “will”.


Recovery Words of Knowledge

Recovery Words Of Knowledge

Everyday in the walk with God, demands everyday assessment of self.

(1 Corinthians 11:31; 2 Corinthians 13:5; Matthew 25:13)

What Are His Will?

58). i). That all who believe in Him should have one love for everyone John 17:21-23; 15:12-14.

59). ii). That all who believe in Him must submit themselves to only what God says Prov 30:6.

60). iii). That all the saints must speak the same saintly language (thing); no division among you; have the same judgment; to be perfectly joined together in one mind 1Cor.1;10.

61). iv). Why do the believers speak differently and oppose themselves with different doctrines, if nothing is wrong?

62). Why do the pro disciples of Christ call themselves Christians nowadays ?

63). Why is it that they do not study to know how Christianity originated? Now they are looking for they will call bad names for correcting them.

64). Does the scriptures call anyone in heaven Christian or saints?

65). Did Christ call His followers, disciples or Christians Luke 6:13?

66). Who then initiated them to this title: and for what purpose, where and when did it begin?

67). How many times does the word, Why do believers in Christ encouraged to wear man made crosses on their necks, and not corrected?

68). Why do church leaders and owners carve crosses and hang upon their cathedrals and non cathedral buildings?

69). Why do churches of men greet people in the name of accursed Calvary, and add Jesus name to it?

70). Is Calvary not Golgotha the place of skulls?

71). Why is Calvary which appears only once in the bible more popular amongst the Pentecostals and the Christians than Golgotha, which appears three times in the same bible?

72). Why is it that the Christians have turned the Easter spirit, or gods, which the Gentiles, pagans have worshipped and celebrated for centuries before Christ came into the world, to become the feast of Passover, and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead?

73). If Easter was related to Jesus Christ, why did Herod who killed James, because he was a disciple of Christ, and arrested Peter to kill him as he killed James, for Christ sake; kept Peter in prison to finish celebrating their Easter, before bringing him out to be killed? According to Acts 12:3-4.

74). Why can’t Christians scholars consider how should the murderer of Jesus disciples turn around to celebrate the Easter that belongs to Christ, that is, if Easter gods was related to Christ?

75). Was it not the same Herod and his soldiers that stripped Christ and mocked Him, before handing Him over to Pilate to crucify Him?

76). Was it not the same Herod that beheaded John the Baptist, because he was the forerunner of Christ?

77). Don’t you see that the Christians and churches that celebrate unverified ancient gods in the name of Christ are still spiritually blind? Why are things still this way? It is so sad.

78). Do the Christian leaders not read Acts 12:3 and 4, to see that the Easter in verse 4 which belongs to Herod and pagans, challenged the unleavened program of the saints: where he killed James and took Peter to be killed?

79). You can see how the devil hid Easter feast so close to the days of the

80). The difference between the saints and the Christians is that they don’t believe or celebrate what Christians do.

81). It is unfortunate we use the same Bible.


82). The Truth of God presents the SUPERIORITY of God

83). Everyday becomes a super day, because you have submitted your human nature in exchange for the divine nature.

84). Besides the nature of God, which is divine, replaces the expired human nature, in vain does any Sunday or any day be celebrated as SUPER…NATURAL.


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