The Saints of God

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The main context of this book is not the issue of the interest of sectarian title such as: Christian,
saint and many more. The book is not made to contend or clash with any personal or majority
interest on religious dogmatism. It is not produced to challenge any levels of beliefs and faiths. It
is rather created to boost the knowledge of God’s believers in Christ, to evolve the point blanks
in the conventional bible.

Furthermore, the most salient issue in this book is the respect or regards to the whole meaning
of every used word in the holy bible. This is aimed to avoid the danger of adding or subtracting
any part of God’s holy word to suit private interpretation. My loving desire to any reader of this
book is to key into the interest of God than we think or feel about the unchangeable word of
God. The word of God is not made to be accepted, because you like to do so. It is rather made to
be accepted, because God has accepted (you to accept) His word. His word is Himself. “The Word
was God” says the bible.

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The Lord Jesus Christ confirms many great majority they are, that love and pass through the Broadway. He also affirms that only few pass through the Narrow gate, because only few see the Narrow gate. Read or refer to the book of Saint Matthew 7 verse 13 and 14.

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Kingdom Recovery Church Inc.
Zenith bank PLC.

— God richly bless you —



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