Fasting and Prayer


T he LORD God has a divine food He gives to His children when they fast before Him. This food is to give them spiritual strength and faith to live without food. Remember we are always amazed that Moses fasted at Forty (40) days days and (40) nights before the LORD without food and water. He did it twice , close after the first; we heard no record that the LORD sympathized with him. He had given Moses a grater fasting cake to lose appetite of every natural food. I do not know how he ate his own, but the LORD definitely did something we don’t know how.

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The ethics of Fasting and Prayer is necessary to be fully understood especially by the bible
believers who have the incentive to fast most often with prayers. Those who do not mind the
biblical set out rules for fasting with prayer may incidentally associate themselves with hunger
strike in the name of fasting. The value of this book may never be over-emphasized. This does
not contain more than it should contain, regarding the analysis of fasting with prayer. We hope
to deal with other segments in other “Recovery Books” series.

However, have this book as a personal consultant for referral during your fasting with prayer
when you wish to do so. Fasting is an affliction to the soul, for denying it from its nourishing
desires, but at the end of the fasting, the soul refreshes with joy. To serve God who is the Father
of all spirits, you must be in spiritual atmosphere. Fasting with prayers will always transcend
someone to feel the spiritual height.

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— God richly bless you —



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